JLG 1250 AJP

JLG 1250 AJP

Platform Specifications

Working Height38.4m
Platform Height36.58m
Stowed Length10.64m
Platform Capacity450kg
Maximum Outreach22.86m
Stowed Length10.64m



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More Economic, More Productive, More Access.

The JLG 1250 AJP offers lower hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, particulate and NOx emissions with Stage IIIB-compliant engine, and is easy to use with fewer buttons and switches used to position the platform and less time spent learning to use the platform controls.

Working Diagrams


Key Features


227kg Lift Capacity

Hydraulic Platform Rotation for Easy Positioning

Rotating, Self-levelling Platform


Automatic Axle Position Adjustments

360degrees Continuous Rotation

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Max Working Height

Lift Capacity