Manitou 160ATJ

Manitou 160ATJ

Platform Specifications

Working Height16.1m
Platform Height14.1m
Stowed (H) 2.61m
Lift Capacity230kg
Machine Width2.3m
Overall Length6.53m
Horizontal Outreach8.3m
Drive at HeightYes



Additional Information

Ready for the great outdoors!

The Manitou 160 ATJ articulated platform is the most suited to work outdoors on uneven or sloping ground. A capacity of 230 kg, an up and over clearance of 7.38 m and a working height of 16 m provides the operator with a large working area.

Working Diagrams


Key Features


High Ground Clearance

Works Brilliantly Outdoors on Uneven and Difficult Ground

Excellent Up and Over Clearance

Hold 3 Operators and Up to 160 kg of Material


Large 400 kg Capacity

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Max Working Height

Lift Capacity