PB S225-24DS

PB S225-24DS

Platform Specifications

Working Height22.30m
Platform Height20.30m
Travel (H) (Rails raised)3.72m
Min (H) (Rails Lowered)2.98m
Lift Capacity750kg
Platform Width2.36m
Machine Width2.47m
Platform Size (lxw)4.5 x 2.36m
Drive at HeightYes
Deck ExtensionYes



Additional Information

Space. Power. Range.

Thanks to the working height up to 22.30m, the device is predestinated for works in high altitudes such as installation, mounting and maintenance works on construction sites or in industrial areas. The machine can also be driven at full height. Whether large-scale installation, mounting or maintenance works on construction or industrial sites – with the PB PB S225-24DS 4×4 you are completely prepared for it.

Working Diagrams


Key Features


Long Working Cycles

Easy to Use

Auto Level Support System

4 Wheel Drive

750kg Lift Capacity

Immense 22.30m Working Height



Additional information


Max Working Height


Lift Capacity