Manitou MRT 2145 Easy T4 S1 360°

Manitou MRT 2145 Easy T4 S1 360°

Platform Specifications

Max Lifting Height20.6m
Max Reach17.9m
Max Lifting Capacity4500kg
Overall Length (with forks)6.59m
Overall Width2.5m
Overall Width (with stabilisers extended)4.98m
Overall Height3.02m
Overall Weight14530kg
Outer Turning Radius (with forks)4.62m



Additional Information

Simple, Reliable and a True Multi-tasker

The MRT 2145 Easy rotating telehandler is a perfect fit as both your first piece of construction equipment or as part of a rental fleet. Incredibly versatile, it’s used for a wide range of applications.

Working Diagrams

Key Features



4.62m Turning Radius

Incredibly Versatile

Excellent Manoeuvrability

Easy to Use

Lifting Capacity of 4500kg

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Max Working Height

Lift Capacity